Anna at a dance competition in leeds

Competitions open up a world to excitement, performing, make-up, hair and costumes, whilst potentially bringing rewards of certificates, medals and trophies.

I grew up dancing in competitions.  I made friends from other dance schools and gained experiences & skills that have carried me through life and not just in my performing career but every day.  The confidence gained and the discipline involved will enhance your child’s technique, presentation and performance skills for all aspects of dance.

There are things to consider when contemplating competitions.  There is an added expense involved with entering competitions – extra lessons, entrance fees, costumes etc.  It’s not just the additional costs you need to give consideration to as competitions require lots of practice and dedication.  They run on a weekend and occasionally during the half term and school holidays, however you do not have to enter every competition of course.

We allocate a private lesson to learn, practice and perfect all routines but there must be time put in outside of lessons to practice – it is your responsibility to ensure your child is prepared for their dances.

The competitions are split up into sections of dance styles and age groups.  Your child will move up through the classes as they reach their next birthday.  You can perform in different sections Song and dance, Ballet, Tap, Modern and Character, there is no limit as to how many you enter so you could enter all five if you wish.  There are other sections you can enter such as:  Duets and trios or Troupes of 4 or more performers.


I choreograph the dances in a “private lesson” which is a one to one session.

These cost £5 for 20 minutes.  Once a dance is learnt, your child will need a lesson every other week as a minimum requirement with an extra lesson before the competition, if you require more regular lessons we can accommodate this.

dance class registration at CSD

For each new dance a fee of £15 is charged this is to cover my time to source the most suitable dance music per student then cut and prepare the music, you will receive a copy of the music and a copy of the dance for your child to practice with.

Entries to each competition currently stand at £3 per dance per student; this however can differ with each competition organiser.

Costumes are your responsibility and so is the cost, that way you can keep it within your own budget.

We will always discuss costumes with you and help you with planning and sourcing them as we have contacts of reliable seamstresses and a great range of catalogues of costume suppliers.

I hope this has answered all the questions you have regarding competitions however if you have any further queries please ask for our full competitions information pack at class or if you wish to take part in competitions please contact me.

Miss Emily