Summer Stars 2012 was an epic week.  This years theme was DISCO and we LOVED IT! From the second I decided on the costumes I was looking forward to it, choosing bright vibrant colours and sparkly fabrics to enhance the theme.

As the places filled, the date came closer, the soundtrack was edited and t-shirts were ordered and I knew it would be an amazing week.

Jumping to the end and the final bow I know now I have my work cut out for next year…how do we top that?!

We had our work cut out this year running for just 5 days and not our normal 6 but boy, did all my stars work hard and pulled off four amazing rehearsal days and a terrific show.

We had a mix of weather but we managed to squeeze in some outside play times and even got a picnic in.   The show day was a long one but we all kept our groove on rehearsing hard both on and off stage.  We had a movie time-out and had our dinner on the picnic blankets whilst having hair done in a rota.  Before we knew it, it was show time and the week was nearly over.  The show was so energetic and everyone in the audience seemed to feel the disco buzz, bopping and singing along to all those old favourites.

Definitely my favourite…so far!  Roll on next year.  First decision is the theme and second…what colour t-shirt shall we have?!

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